Thursday, August 27, 2015

65 Years of Religious Life:
August 15, 1950 – August 15, 2015

1950-57       International Scholasticate, Rome, Italy     Seminarian
1957-64       Our Lady of the Snows Scholasticate,        Theology Teacher*
                   Pass Christian, MS
1964-74       Sankt Josef Arbetaren, Luleå, Sweden       Parish Priest**
                   Vår Fru, Täby, Sweden                             Parish Priest**
                   Kristi Moder, Umeå, Sweden                     Parish Priest**
1974-81       Oblate College, Washington, DC                Theology Teacher*
                   Oblate College SW, San Antonio, TX          Theology Teacher*
                   St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, MN                Theology Teacher*
1981-92       Oblate College, Washington, DC                Theology Teacher*
1992-94       St. Joseph, Waterville, WA                        Parish Priest***
1994-97       St. Francis de Sales, Chelan, WA               Parish Priest***
1997-98       St. Francis of Assisi, Tuscaloosa, AL           Parish Priest
                   St. Aloysius, Bessemer, AL                        Parish Priest
1998-2007   St. Peter, Volo, IL                                     Parish Priest***
2007-15       Heart of Mary, Lake Villa, IL                      Chaplain***

* Taught seminarians during their four years of theology for ordination and mission.
** Confidant to Bishop of Stockholm John Taylor, O.M.I., and was his theologian (peritus) at Vatican II from 1964 to 1965. Also was member of Bishop Taylor’s Catholic Ecumenical Committee from 1964 to 1974.
*** Confidant to Bishop of Yakima and Cardinal Bishop of Chicago Francis George, O.M.I.

Heartfelt thanks to friends and family members alive and dead who cross my path.

My mother, who died in a car accident on January 5, 1939, when I was nine.

With my family on August 15, 1950, after First Oblation. From left: Grandpa Charlie (my mother’s father), Dad, Mom (Dad’s second wife), sister Jo Ann (in front of me), brother Jack, sister Jeanne and her husband Jake.
Father Don

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